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Our Product Photography 

Services & Prices


Basic car sales shoot

Need to get your car sold fast? This is the package for you. Single location shoot where you will receive one beauty shot of your car along with 9-11 standard unedited images that highlight the condition of the car for your 'For Sale' ad for eBay, Autotrader, Gumtree or whatever your preferred sales platform is.




Single-Location shoot

Want a cohesive set of images to spice up your Instagram feed? This package consists of a single location shoot in which you will receive 10-15 high-quality images of your car (8K Resolution). From three-quarter shots, to close-up detail shots of your chosen vehicle.




Multi-Location shoot

Want to totally transform your Instagram feed and make it unrecognisable? The Multi-Location shoot is for you. This is our best value for money package.

This includes 30 plus high-quality photos (8K Resolution) of your pride and joy at different locations of the chosen shoot area. How many photos you would like and how many locations are up for discussion and is price dependent.


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