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Below is a selection of frequently asked questions regarding multiple aspects of a photoshoot. Hopefully, you will find the answers you are searching for. If not please feel free to contact us through the contacts page.

  • What is the travel radius included in the photoshoot price?
    For the agreed prices for our services we are willing to travel a maximum of 25 miles radius from our location in the Peak District. Any further than 25 miles you will be charged accordingly for the extra distance we have to travel to arrive to your location and return.
  • How long does a photoshoot take?
    A photoshoot will take between 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the quantity of photos you have requested, the number of locations we have to visit and the travelling time between each location.
  • Who picks the photoshoot location?
    The location will be discussed with the customer so that we can come to an agreement for the photoshoot. If you would prefer us to come to you then a location can be discussed.
  • What type of weather conditions are required for the photoshoot?
    Here at Justy Media we prefer to do two styles of photoshoot. 1. Sunset/rise photo shoots on a cloudy day. 2. Rainy weather conditions at night-time in a lit urban environment. But depending on the type of vehicle you have and the style of photos you prefer, we can accommodate this into the final outlook of the photos.
  • How long will it take until I recieve my edited photos?
    The lead time for the photos is usually one to two weeks depending on how many photos have been taken on the photoshoot.
  • How do I pay Justy Media for the photos?
    Our preferred method of payment is via PayPal via goods and services,which includes a payment protection fee.
  • How will I receive the photos once completed?
    You will receive an email showing you 1 pixilated image of the best shot from the photoshoot (150px x 150px), then you will pay me via your preferred method of payment. Once the payment is cleared, I will send you a link via WeTransfer containing all the completed photos in full resolution.
  • Do you offer multi-vehicle shoots?
    Yes. we do offer multi-vehicle shoots. This will incur a discount for all parties involved.
  • Do Justy Media offer a discount for shoots?
    Unfortunately the only discount we offer is a multi-vehicle photoshoot discount. We really take pride in our pricing which has been set accordingly with the costs of all the equipment required to provide this service and the amount of time it has taken to build our valuable skill set we are providing you with.
  • Do you offer prints of your photos?
    We can offer prints of our photos if you would like this service. Currently we would be offering this through a third party service rather than in-house so the price would depend on the suppliers rate at the time of request.
  • Do you offer Videography services?
    At this current time, we are unable to offer Videography services to our customers. This is something we are looking to offer in the future.
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